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  • DOB: June 17, 1950 – 'Rumors of My Death'

  • Codename: Scarecrow

  • son of Matthew Stetson (US Army, WW2 intelligence operative) & Jennifer Hamilton Stetson (British citizen, post war operative) – 'Unfinished Business'

  • possibly carries dual citizenship, was never stated whether or not Jennifer relinquished her British citizenry. 

  • only child

  • raised by (now) Colonel Robert Clayton (US Air Force) – 'A Relative Situation'

  • Marine, served in Vietnam – 'The Man Who Died Twice'

  • attended several different universities, including University of Virginia (Amanda's alma mater)

  • recruited to the Agency in the early 70s (72?) by Harry V. Thornton – 'Tail of the Dancing Weasel'

  • original member of the Oz Network – 'We're Off to See the Wizard'

  • has been in serious love 3 times -- Dorothy (killed by Serdaych, mid 70s?) 'We're Off to See the Wizard', Eva Spinelli (KGB counter intelligence, met in Italy during an undercover mission while posing as a student, very early 80s) 'Lost & Found', & Amanda West King (married 2/13/1987) 'Do You Take This Spy'

  • loves Westerns and all things cowboy

  • gourmet chef

  • offered a position at the Justice Department

  • speaks multiple languages: French, Dutch, Urdu – 'There Goes the Neighborhood'

  • hot tempered

  • expert at the peacock dance – 'Stemwinder Pt 1'

  • played 'back gammon' with Francine pre series

  • has 4 black books

  • likes fish, has a beta named Melvin – 'Saved by the Bells'

  • Delta Green and above clearance – 'Rumors of My Death'

  • one previous partner (deceased, name unknown) – 'The First Time'

  • current partner: Amanda West King Stetson

  • no known children

  • close friends: Harry V. Thornton, Lady Emily Farnsworth (British M6), Barney (USAF cook, retired), William Melrose, Francine Desmond, Amanda West King Stetson

  • helicopter pilot – 'The First Time'

  • accomplished rider –

  • direct line (202)547-9986 – 'The First Time'

  • the cars: silver 1963 Porsche 356 convertible (explodes in 'Charity Begins at Home'),

  • women known to be associated with: Celeste van Treswinkle – 'The First Time', Marilyn & Jessica (steno pool) – 'If Thoughts Could Kill',

  • undercover roles: 'The First Time' waiter, pirate carhop; 'There Goes the Neighborhood' "Lee Morton" in commodities; 'Magic Bus' “Brad Brown” reporter for Success Magazine, 'ACM Kid' Ricky Joe Jackson (Texas accent), 'Service Above & Beyond' Victoria Greenwich's chauffeur; 'Saved by the Bells' janitor

  • duels w/ lawn flamingos – 'There Goes the Neighborhood'

  • cherishes an Ace comb w/ 2 missing teeth (black) – 'If Thoughts Could Kill'

  • had his appendix out as a child at the same time his tonsils were removed – 'If Thoughts Could Kill'

  • claims the nurses almost lost him as an infant – 'If Thoughts Could Kill'

  • plays golf – 'Magic Bus'

  • karate, fencing, kick boxing

  • injuries sustained: shot in the left thigh – 'Magic Bus', blows out left knee – 'If Thoughts Could Kill', wrapped ribs – 'ACM Kid'

  • plays tennis – 'Saved by the Bells'

  • member of University Athletic Club – 'Saved by the Bells'

  • blood type O positive – 'The Eyes Have It'

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